Ultimate Logic Puzzle Group Activity Bundle

for middle school math

Skill practice so engaging students ask for more!

Get the FUN and ENGAGING solution for collaborative skill practice.

Raise your hand if...

  • You know your students need more practice but everyone’s bored by all the worksheets.
  • Your group work ends up with slackers who let their partners do all the work.
  • You don’t have the time to cut and laminate a bunch of new activities.

Imagine having math practice activities your students actually beg to work on!

What educators are saying...

“My first time using Logic Puzzles with my students I couldn’t believe how much fun I had teaching again!”

Jen F.

This was wonderful, and my class loved it! They are asking for more!

Wendy W.

No prep… no planning… excellent resource!

Bertha Lynn C.

Awesome practice that is engaging and fun.

Renee S.

Great way to have collaboration in the classroom!

Wendi F.
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What Topics Are Covered?
Great Question!

There's a logic puzzle activity for each of the following:

  • Decimal Operations
  • Greatest Common Factor
  • Applying Percents
  • Adding Like Terms
  • Solving 1-Step Equations
  • Slope of a Line
  • Angle Types & Relationships
  • Area
  • Circle Formulas
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Multiplying Binomials
  • Permutations, Combinations & Probability

End the frustration!

  • No more scrambling! You'll have engaging practice ready for 12 key pre-algebra concepts!
  • No lengthy prep! Simply print them out (or send digitally) & you're ready to go!
  • No disengaged bystanders! Each student is responsible for their own set of problems.
  • No need to re-explain! Each activity follows the same format while practicing different skills.
So fun they'll forget it's skill practice!

Put Logic Puzzle Activities to work in your classroom!

How Do Logic Puzzle Activities Work?

Students work in groups of 3...
...but each works on a unique problem set
Correct answers reveal secret clues
Group members use combined clues to decipher the logic puzzle!
Get access now!

What educators are saying...

This was wonderful, and my class loved it! They are asking for more!

Wendy W.

Awesome practice that is engaging and fun.

Renee S.

Great way to have collaboration in the classroom!

Wendi F.

“My first time using Logic Puzzles with my students I couldn’t believe how much fun I had teaching again!”

Jen F.

No prep… no planning… excellent resource!

Bertha Lynn C.

Each Logic Puzzle Group Activity Includes...

3 Unique Problem Sets

Each student is responsible to solve their own problems!

Worked-Out Solutions

Easily check answers and find mistakes!

Logic Puzzle + Answer Key

Students enjoy the challenge of solving the puzzle together.

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We designed these Logic Puzzle Group Activities because...

Hi! We're Rick Scarfi & Linda Kardamis, the father-daughter team behind MathLight! Our years in the classroom taught us that sometimes students need just a little more practice to really grasp a new concept. And engaging and appealing practice makes all the difference.

As teachers, we know the routine - direct instruction, individual practice, formative assessment, and remediation. But sometimes you just need more!

That's how Logic Puzzle Group Activities were born!

These activities reinforce key middle school math concepts while also increasing students' motivation with their unique and engaging forma.t increases motivation while providing

Each student is responsible for his/her own practice problems, but teammates are invested in helping each other fix mistakes because the group is relying on correct answers to solve the puzzle. On top of that, problem solving and communication skills improve as students are forced to truly work together to unravel the mystery.

Best of all, the Logic Puzzle Group Activities are so fun for students, teachers report students actually asking for more!

Experience truly engaging practice by making these logic puzzle activities a recurring highlight in your classroom.

Purchase now and you’ll also get access to these BONUSES:

How to Solve Grid Logic Puzzles Tutorial Video

Access to our “How to Solve a Logic Puzzle” Tutorial Video
($5 value)

Bonus Logic Puzzle Group Activity

A BONUS Grid Logic Puzzle to introduce the topic of Logic Puzzles before students add in skill work
($5 value)

Blank Logic Puzzle Template

A Blank Logic Puzzle for you to turn your favorite worksheet into a logic puzzle.
($5 value)

Ultimate Logic Puzzle Activity Bundle Implementation Tips

Teacher Tips sheet to help you make the most of your purchase!


Will this work with social distancing?

Yes! Here's what to do:

  • Print the Student Copies so each student has one side with their practice set and the other is the team’s logic puzzle.
  • Students solve their problem set, then talk through their revealed clues to decipher the logic puzzle from 6 feet apart. 
  • Have one student bring you their group’s Logic Puzzle solution, submit via email, or on a Google Form.

Will this work with distance learning?

Yes! Here's how:

  • Student Copies included with your Logic Puzzle Activity allow you to post a copy of the problem sets and logic puzzle on your school’s SMS without revealing answers!
  • Students solve their problem set on scratch paper when physical copies are not available.
  • Students then talk through their revealed clues as they solve the logic grid in breakout rooms or from 6-feet apart in class! Have a student turn in their group’s Logic Puzzle solution via email, or on a Google Form.
  • Have a student turn in their group’s Logic Puzzle solution via email, or on a Google Form.

What grades are these best for?

These activities pair perfectly with pre-algebra, but work great for all middle school grades. Younger students enjoy the challenge, and Algebra 1 students can use the extra practice and review. View the full list of topics here.

Can these be used individually?

Sure! One student working individually could absolutely enjoy this activity. He or she would simply complete all three practice sets (a total of 18 problems) then use the clues to solve the puzzle.

Are answer keys included?

Yes! Worked out solutions are included for all problems and corresponding clues are highlighted. A solution to the logic puzzle is also included for your use.

How long does it take to complete a Logic Puzzle in class?

Logic Puzzles will take anywhere from 20-40 minutes based on how quickly and accurately your students solve the skill problems and can work out the solution to the Logic Puzzle.

What if I don’t have students in a multiple of 3?

You could assign a few groups of two and have those students work 9 problems each. Alternatively you could make a group of 4 with two students solving the same set of problems simultaneously.

What happens if a student gets the logic puzzle solution incorrect?

If the logic puzzle is solved incorrectly it most likely means one of the practice problems has a mistake. Hand them a new copy of the logic puzzle grid and send them back to try again. You could also scan their pages and perhaps say “Sleuth #2 has made a mistake in a problem” to help guide them.

Other questions?

We're happy to help! Simply email us at [email protected] This is typically a one-time offer, but if you need a question answered before purchasing, we are happy to make an exception for you.

We’re so sure you’ll love these logic puzzles we’re offering a money-back guarantee!

If for any reason over the next 30 days you don’t think these Logic Puzzles are as fantastic as we do, we’ll present you with your money back.
No questions asked.

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