Math shouldn't be confusing.
(And neither should teaching it.)

MathLight Complete Curriculums

Everything you need to make math easy to understand - and teach!

Picture of unit contents with math video notes

Everything you need!

Math video lessons to flip your class, catch up absent students, support struggling students, and more!

Guided notes match the videos to help students understand & remember key concepts

Differentiated practice exercises build students' skills across three ability levels

Quick review videos briefly summarize each concept, making them the perfect tool to review, refresh, and reinforce

Guided unit reviews help students prepare with confidence - and build study skills along the way

Editable tests and quizzes make it easy to create assessments. Use them as-is or tweak them to fit the needs of your students

Complete Curriculums for All Your Needs

Purchase any of the Complete MathLight Curriculums below to receive a single license good for one teacher. Additional licenses available. 

"GREAT videos and my students love the note-taking worksheets. They really help to keep them ALL engaged."
- Teresa L.

Meet Rick, Math Teacher Extraordinaire!

Rick Scarfi, the voice & genius behind MathLight’s teaching videos, is a veteran math teacher of over 30 years.

One of his biggest strengths (as you will soon see) is his uncanny ability to explain complex mathematical topics in a way that students easily understand.

Students are constantly saying, "I get it now!" or "You make it so simple."

You'll find his style blends tried-and-true best practices with creative innovation, so you know you're getting the best of both worlds.

Rick Scarfi teacher in every math video lesson

"Forget what I think- my students have expressed to me that they LOVE math now because this program eliminates all the extra (confusing) stuff."
- April G.

The MathLight Success System in Action:

  • Full Math Video Lessons expertly explain concepts for every single topic
  • Scaffolded Note Sheets boost retention & keep students engaged 
  • Quick Review Videos solidify prior learning 
  • Differentiated Practice Sets strengthen student skills 
  • Editable quizzes and tests check for content mastery  
  • Answer keys included!

Making Math Easier to Understand

VIDEO LESSONS teach each concept step-by-step in a way your students will easily understand

Expert math teacher Rick Scarfi teaches each concept in accompanying teaching math videos. His explanations have helped hundreds of students grasp even the most complex mathematical concepts & now they’re here to enlighten your students as well.

Watch an example math video lesson below:

MathLight video lessons can be used to:

Flip your classroom

Instead of teaching during class and sending kids home with homework, try flipping the model. Ask your students to watch the math video notes at home, then use class time to practice together, in small groups, or individually. This allows you to guide students as they practice, correct their misconceptions, informally access for mastery, and more easily differentiate based on students’ needs.

Easily catch up absent students

Two students were absent for Tuesday’s lecture? No problem! They can watch the math video lessons online and receive the same top-notch explanations they would have heard in class.

Provide extra support for struggling students

Sometimes students need to see an explanation again (and again), but there’s only one of you and only so much class time. That’s why MathLight’s teaching videos are so handy. Students can access the math video lessons anytime online to re-watch any lesson still causing confusion.

Supplement or replace your own lectures

If you find your students aren’t really understanding your explanations, why not take advantage of the expert teaching provided by MathLight? Show the teaching videos during class and then follow up by answering questions and practicing together. You may even find that your own explanations improve as you learn clear & concise ways to explain challenging topics.

Simplify sub plans

No need to lose a day or spend lengthy time recording notes for your students. Quickly and easily create sub plans using MathLight's math videos!
Simply make the video lesson available to your students and/or substitute teacher to watch in your absence. Your class will stay engaged as they record notes on the accompanying note sheets while the video plays!

"I LOVE these videos and guided notes!"

- Chrystie C.

Keep Your Students Engaged

STUDENT NOTES increase retention & engagement

The notes are our secret weapon here at MathLight. Not that we intend to keep them secret... It’s just that you have to experience their power for yourself before you can fully appreciate them.

math note sheets match what is present in every math video lesson

Students are more engaged 

Students work through the explanations and examples with the math video lesson, filling out the notes as they go and practicing the example problems along with the video. This helps student better engage with and comprehend the material.

Students remember more & gain confidence

When you provide your students with MathLight’s detailed math notes, you give them the tools and information they need to be successful. If they can’t remember how to work a problem, they have their notes to look back on for help and guidance. And when it comes time for assessments, they’ve got everything they need to know in one place

You can hold your students accountable

Ever assign students to watch a video but have no idea if they actually did? By requiring them to complete the notes along with the math video, you dramatically increase the probability that they will actually watch it. And, in worst case, you know they at least filled out all the information by hand.

BONUS!! Teacher versions of the notes are also included, which provide the completed notes with all problems worked out. Yes, we did try to think of everything.

See an Example of Student Notes!

Easily Review & Refresh

QUICK REVIEW VIDEOS reinforce each concept

Each MathLight unit contains quick review videos for each lesson that summarize the main concepts and remind students how to work the problems. With an average playtime of 2-3 minutes, these math videos are so versatile you’ll soon be using them everywhere. And we won’t be too surprised if you find yourself pretty much falling in love with them.

Easily review in class

It's a snap to show a quick review video at the start of class to review yesterday’s concept. Or, if you’re flipping your class, you can preview the concept you’ll be practicing that day.

Give stumped students a quick refresher

Often students sit down to practice and just can’t remember what to do. The full teaching math videos are always available, but sometimes that’s overkill. That’s where the quick reviews shine. They’ll quickly remind students of the main concepts and steps and get them back on track to continue working.

Prepare with confidence for assessments

Whether you’re showing them in class or your students are watching them at home, these quick review videos are the perfect way to review and refresh concepts in preparation for quizzes, tests, and even standardized assessments.

"My 8th grade algebra students find these videos and guided notes so helpful. The concepts are explained in a way that students understand."

- Jami H.

Build Your Students' Skills

Versatile PRACTICE EXERCISES make differentiation easy

math algebra practice homework worksheets build on concepts in the math video lessons

Easily Differentiate

Each lesson contains 3 differentiated practice exercises geared towards remedial, average, and advanced skills. This means you can easily assign differentiated but similar exercises to different students. Or, better yet, teach them how to determine for themselves which level of practice is best for them.

Use Wherever You Need Them

These exercises are so versatile that you can use them as homework, in-class practice, or for group activities. 

Empower Your Students

Our answer keys include not only the solution but also the steps needed to solve the problem. This gives you the option of providing answer keys to your students so that they can self-check and correct.

Keep Their Interest

These practice exercises are so much more than worksheets. You can use them in a variety of creative & intriguing ways, many of which we outline in the unit suggestions. Keep your students engaged by using them with reciprocal learning, in-class games, think-pair-share activities, and much more.

Differentiated practice AND answer keys included with each lesson!
See an example below:

"I had purchased individual units to use with my students, which were so effective I chose to purchase the entire program for this coming year! Can't wait to use it with my regular and intervention students!"

- Brigitte M.

Improve Study Habits

Guided UNIT REVIEWS teach study skills
& improve test scores

unit review for mathlight covers everything in that unit's math videos- study skills for algebra

Teach your students how to study

The guided review not only gives students a checklist of concepts they need to know to prepare for the unit test, but it also provides practice problems for each topic.

Review any way you'd like

You can work through the review together as a class, ask students to study individually, or allow them to work together in small groups. You could also conduct your own in-class review and have the students use the checklist to note what they already understand and what they need to practice

Relax: We've got you covered.

We’ve included an answer key with all the steps worked out that you can use yourself or provide to your students. And don't forget about the quick review videos that you can use in your in-class review or provide to students as they study on their own.

See an Example:

"I love the ease of use with this material. The video downloads work well for distance learning. The notes are perfect for scaffolding."

- Monica C.

Assess Fairly & Easily

Editable ASSESSMENTS integrate perfectly with the rest of the curriculum

Few things frustrate students more than when the test doesn’t match what they’ve learned in class. With MathLight, you’ll never have that problem. The concepts tested in each assessment come directly from the videos and notes, and have been previously practiced in the practice exercises and unit reviews.

And since we’re real math teachers ourselves, we designed all of our assessments with both you and your students in mind. Here’s some of our favorite features...

Easily Editable 

Each assessment comes in both PDF & Microsoft Word versions so that you can easily adapt them as needed. This also makes it a breeze to create alternate versions.

Smart & Innovative Testing

At MathLight we include not only problem solving but also terms recall on our assessments. Terms are the language of math, and without them, students are easily confused. Including terms and rules on assessments helps emphasize their importance to students, thus cementing their meaning and building a strong mathematics foundation.

Grading Helps

We know you have enough to worry about just grading the tests, so we’ve provided everything we can to make it go as smoothly as possible. No need to work out the problems or figure out the point values - we’ve done all of that for you.

Extra Motivation for Students

The bonus problems included on most assessments are intentionally designed as an extra challenge. Students love bonus points, so why not use that motivation to push them to go further than they thought they could!

"I love this program. It engages the students and helps them follow along in their learning experience. 

It is very complete and easy to use....has made teaching my 7th and 8th graders easier, both for me and them."

- Richard B.

From Our Classrooms to Yours

MathLight is created by two veteran math teachers. And you may be interested to know we’re actually a father-daughter team.

Rick Scarfi, creator of mathlight pre algebra videos and curriculum

Rick Scarfi, the voice & genius behind MathLight’s teaching videos, is a veteran math teacher of over 30 years. One of his biggest strengths (as you will soon see) is his uncanny ability to explain complex mathematical topics in a way that students easily understand.

Not only does Rick have the intangible ability to make challenging concepts appear simple, but he also pioneered the concept of math notes, another fantastic feature you’ll experience in MathLight.

Linda Kardamis

Linda Kardamis taught middle school math before stepping away from the classroom to raise her young children (that’s Rick’s grandkids if you’re following closely.) Since then Linda has founded Teach 4 the Heart which offers book, resources, and online courses for teachers.

Linda shares the same passion and skill for teaching math and is thrilled to partner with Rick to create engaging & helpful curriculum that students and teachers will both enjoy.