Complete Pre-Algebra Units with Videos

Everything you need to help your students grow, succeed, & even love math!

Everything you need!

Video lessons to flip your class, catch up absent students, support struggling students, and more

Guided notes to help students understand & remember key concepts

Differentiated practice exercises to build students' skills

Quick review videos briefly summarize each concept, making them the perfect tool to review, refresh, and reinforce.

Guided unit reviews help students build prepare with confidence - and build study skills along the way.

Editable tests and quizzes make it easy to create assessments. Use them as-is or tweak them to fit the needs of your students.

Teachers ❤️ These Units!

"I love this program. It engages the students and helps them follow along in their learning experience. It is very complete and easy to use....has made teaching my 7th and 8th graders easier, both for me and them. Thanks!!!!"
- Richard B.

"GREAT videos and my students love the notetaking worksheets. They really help to keep them ALL engaged."
- Teresa L.

"Really appreciate your products. My students always are able to work independently with little to no support needed from me. They like reviewing this way!"
- Sonya B.

"My 8th grade algebra students find these videos and guided notes so helpful. The concepts are explained in a way that students understand....My students love these videos & notes!

- Jami H.


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math notes for pre algebra

Math shouldn't be confusing!

...and neither should teaching it!

As veteran math teachers, we’ve learned firsthand how to explain complex topics in a way that makes sense to students. We love those light bulb moments and are committed to bringing more of them to your students as well. Hence our name - MathLight!

We’re here to provide you with awesome resources to enhance your math classroom. But what makes our program uniquely amazing is that it’s fully integrated with video lessons. That means you can flip your classroom, provide remedial help for those who are struggling or absent, supplement your own in-class lessons, and much more!

unit review for mathlight - study skills for algebra

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