An Easy Way to Assess Your Class in a Flash

Please, please, please say -9.

You’re holding your breath in nervous anticipation. Algebra is not Eric’s forte, but he’s been making steady progress, and you’re hoping against hope that he’s finally figuring out how to multiply integers.

This was a fairly easy problem, one you think Eric probably hopefully has right. So you called on him to see.

But now he’s staring at you with those deer-in-a-headlight eyes. And it’s not looking good.

12? he murmurs.

Face palm.

Not only is Eric STILL having trouble multiplying integers but now you’ve embarrassed him in front of the whole class, further killing his confidence.

There’s gotta’ be a better way.

Enter the 1-2-3 technique – a simple way to quickly assess not only a single student’s understanding but also to quickly gauge how well the whole class is doing – all without embarrassing or singling out any particular student.

Check out this quick 3-minute video to see how you can assess your class in a flash starting tomorrow:

    Linda Kardamis

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