The Perfect Illustration to Explain Division with Zero

Ever struggle to explain to your students why 0 divided by anything is 0 but anything divided by 0 is undefined or infinity?

In this video, you'll learn the perfect illustration to explain both of these concepts in a way your students will easily understand.

Check it out here:

And speaking of making math easy to understand, have you seen our video lessons with guided notes?

Each lesson contains a video that teaches the concept as well as notes for the students to fill out & practice problems along with the video. Of course, the answer key is also included.

These are perfect for so many situations

  • When you need quick sub plans
  • If you want to try flipping your class
  • If you're struggling to explain a concept
  • When you need to give your voice (or yourself) a rest - without wasting the class period
  • For students who need extra help
  • Math centers
  • And so much more

The sky really is the limit!

Check out the individual video lessons with notes.

And use the search box to search for specific topics.

    Linda Kardamis

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